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K/D Ratio : 1.65
W/L Ratio : 1.06
Age : 34
Location : Sheffield, England, UK
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So!... Empty

it appears dylan and craig (buck and rogue) have left...

i'll give you my oppinions...

toast accused rogue of...

1 k/d was padded (rage quits)
2 leaves games (rage quits)
3 clan hopper (he was in 4 clans in 4 weeks)
4 liar (combination of the above)

now his k/d was VERY high.. as you could all see.. it is at 2.06.. on further inspection, his win/loss ratio is at 0.55.. to put that into context.. our very own chaos has a w/l of 0.55.. and a k/d of 0.79...

so either rogue is the unluckyest player ever in COD history, or points 1,2 and 4 are right on the money!... also, point 3 is true...

it was only 2 days into rogues stint here when he asked to be an owner on the chat!... my resoponce was 'what elivates you in the 2 days you've been here above members who have been here for months?'

he didnt get the 'ownership' status.

as far as Dylan's concerned...

he left us once to join NA.. which i accepted, he wanted more of a job than i could offer him here at the time... i then persuaded him to re-join by giving him full control of the A squad...

they played 0 matches whilst he was incharge. he became inactive on the game. and to thank me for his promotion and the job he wanted so badly, he's left with rogue without saying 'will i'm leaving'... nothing!

looking at his k/d it's at 2.52 impressive right!.. but when u look at his w/l along side it, that being 0.82, you'll see 'maybe he rage quits' or just says out of the action to make kills at the cost of the win for the team.

all in all, i think we can draw a few things from all of this - the statistics dont lie, rogue does!

as you can see, i'm not in the best of moods and have given rogue 'both barrels' as it were!

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