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Welcome to Extinction
home of Ex|Clan
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Extinction Announcements Page Hello!
Due to starting a new job, i nolonger have time to keep things up to date around here!
For those of you wanting to keep intouch with me and a few others, the best way is through skype.
several ex-Extinction members are on there, and we all play together regularly.
if you want to get in with 'the cool kids', add me on skype; my username is 'mr_william'
i may be starting a new clan for black ops, should fourumotion add a few suggested updates, however, most of the communication for this will be done through skype.
if your looking to join/stay with Ex| skype will be a Must in the future!

Ex|Clan are now using
Add your skype details to the skype thread to communicate via skype while you play!!!

Click the skype button to download skype free!!!