Call of Duty
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Welcome to Extinction
home of Ex|Clan
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Extinction Clan rules

At Extinction, we believe there's certain rules and Accept to be followed when playing Cod, and certain eticate to be followed when playing public matches online.

In Game Rules

Display the Ex| Clan tag in your in game name

Keep your FC's list up to date

No Double Clanning.

Never leave a game because your getting beat/ No rage Quitting!

Overuse of rifle grenades frustrates other gamers. Overuse = using as a primary most of the time! Only use if fired upon first!

There is no room in Ex|Clan for hackers or people gaining an advantage by doctoring the software in some way. Glitching is allowed IN PRIVATE MATCHES ONLY, unless a clan battle or Practice. Hacking is unacceptable 100% of the time.

When playing hardcore modes, refrain from using the martydom perk.

In hardcore modes, friendly fire will not be tollerated.

When playing in public matches, dont play with more than 5 Ex|clan members, as some will then be on the other team.

Forum and Chat

Ex|Clan members must sign up to the Ex|Clan Web forum to gain access to the members only sections of the website!

Childish behaviour will not be tollerated

Clan Wars

Only an Ex|Clan leader can organise a Clan war

The criteria for being picked for the team, depends on ability and also activity (on the forum/chat, and on COD) you will need to sign up to Game Battles to represent the clan.

If u want be considered for Alpha squadron or Bravo unit, you need to be an active Ex|Clan member on COD and the Website.

Where possible, teams will be picked to suit eachothers play style, eg. 3 snipers on a team would create an unballanced team.

Failure to show for a clan war without notice will not be accepted and will result in being banned from the team for a period determined by the clan leaders.


If you fail to abide by the rules then the following may happen:

your place in the clan will be terminated.

you may be banned from using the chat/forums.

members of Ex|Clan will remove you from thier friends list.


Adding New Rules

If there are any rules not yet in place that you would like to see in place, start a thread in the general duscussion section of the forum. explaining the new rule, and if its considered a viable rule by the clan leader it may become a new rule.

follow the format below:

Thread Title: NEW CLAN RULE (followed by the date)

Proposed New Rule

Explain the rule and reasons for it