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Captain Will's blog!... Empty Global announcement:


Alright, we are going through a rough spot! If you are a member, new or old, sign this or you'll be kicked! We are trying to build this clan up! Inactive members will only get in the way! I'm not sure who all to excuse, I'll excuse Chaos, he's grounded from computer... If someone else needs to be excused, please let me know... I'll also excuse BarrieBoy, he's had a Baby! Not sure when/if he'll be back!

Current Members Returning:

  1. Ex|Will
  2. Ex|Cody
  3. Ex|Fear
  4. Ex|Nitehawk
  5. Ex|ASDingus
  6. Ex|Legendz
by Ex|Cody - Comments: 37 - Views: 1100


I know, this is Will's blog, but I didn't figure he would mind if I used it to inform you guys.. I know you are a little short on info here lately...

As you may know, iK folded, so we replaced them in ACID with KJ... They seem to be a good clan, having more members than iK did.. Please treat them well in the chat, and exchange FC's with them!

We are also scrounging around for new members! We could use your help to recruit! If you know some forums (not activision, we are using it already), it would help if you could post there! If you have friend's...
by Ex|Cody - Comments: 1 - Views: 961

as you've read in the title!.. acid is now back in action, and we've got not one but two clans there to play with, against and talk to!

i dont half spoil you guys!

look to the announcments page for links, they'll be staying up there!...

also, give them a warm welcome in acid, add as many as you can/want to!...

by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 633


After speaking to some of the members of the clan, i've decided to restructure the usergroups, rather than locations, into timezones, groups will span a 2 hour time zone.

Ex|Foxtrot and Ex|Gamma will merge.

Ex|Echo will Split, echo becoming the east side of the american continent containing EST and CST players

Ex|Delta Force will become the Westside of the american continent, containing MST and PST players



Ex|Cody is nolonger the Echo unit captain! - i've decided...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 663

as you know!...

we've recently lost a plethra of members!...

some of which went to uk, with what i believe to be poor reasons!

some of which, started jobs/game broke/moved to ps3!..

we're currently 12 members less than we had 2 weeks ago!..

fear not, we'll be back up to strength here soon i'm sure! we do a lot of good things, we're working on weekly practices for the squads and hopefully gunna be playing in GB very soon!

we'll hopefully get back upto strength soon, and be better than we've been before!

by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 594

it appears that we're getting well on our way with the clan wars teams, so i've decided to add a group section to the barracks, for discussions reguarding to clan wars...

hopefully, this will make life easier than the usual pm's system i've been relying on!..

i've also realised a lot of what's in the barracks is out of date, and not best suited to a forum page, maybe better on a webpage type layout!..

i'll hopefully get round to updating it asap...

as caretaker leader of the uk wing, i'm trying to put a weekly practice into place!..

also, we...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 634

after the whole incident... based aroudn several things.. i've come up with a new fair system for picking a clan wars team...

your place on the k/d list + your place on the w/l list = the magic number...

i'm in 7th on the k/d list.

i'm in 5th on the w/l list.


my magic number is 12


bacon is at 2 on k/d and 6 on w/l which gives him 8

toast is at 4 on k/d and 4 on w/l which gives him 8 too!

rogue would have been at 4th place on the k/d's.. and 30th...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 707

thats the evil that is guest in acid...

i've created 2 chatpages on the site!..

one for guests and the one your all used to for signed in members!...

i'll litter the other chatbox with 'sign up' info and clan wars stuff.. something we dont need to see, but guests will...

just one more step to makeing this a better place!

by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 706

it appears dylan and craig (buck and rogue) have left...

i'll give you my oppinions...

toast accused rogue of...

1 k/d was padded (rage quits)
2 leaves games (rage quits)
3 clan hopper (he was in 4 clans in 4 weeks)
4 liar (combination of the above)

now his k/d was VERY high.. as you could all see.. it is at 2.06.. on further inspection, his win/loss ratio is at 0.55.. to put that into context.. our very own chaos has a w/l of 0.55.. and a k/d of 0.79...

so either rogue is the unluckyest player ever in COD history, or points...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 682

so!.. as you should all know by now, we've been workin on the GB page...

i'm first of all working on it's content - whats needed on the page...

then i'm gunna worry about makeing it look better...

i got a few widgets, banners and paragraphs about the squad..

so i then decided to try and change the blandness of the page... i felt the gray background wasnt working too well.. do i've decided to go a little darker.. black!

this means black text wont work on the site (even though it didnt really work before!
by Ex|Admin - Comments: 0 - Views: 646

hey there!.. for those not in the know, i was away wednesday night.. went to 'chorley' as my girlfriend had a job interview for a 'forensic casework examiner' - very posh!...

i'm back now, thats how i'm able to write this! Very Happy...

any ways, before i left, i contacted our very own Ex|Cody, Bravo team leader...

the story...

i'd signed up to the bravo forum, some of you may have read about it in the general discussion!...

upon my visit, i'd recieved a welcome...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 737

hey there... i assume you've heard?... oh... thats funny... i was under the impression everyone was talking about it?...

ok!... now we've got that out of the way!...

it's a slow day today for me in reguards to ex, we've had a new applicant, suspected of trying to pull the wool over our eyes!...

he didnt know:-

you can fool some of the people all of the time
you can fool all of...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 718

captain wills 2!

as you all can see, yesterday was spent creating 'the new navigation bar'...

believe it or not, every icon up there is new.. i created them using ms paint.. as it's the only graphics software i have and know how to use...

though i do have 16 years experiance with it!!

where was i?!... erm....

so yeah, hopefully the new nav bar will sort out the people who come here and register, without filling in the app with the addition of the 'join Ex' button.. booyar!

also, i've managed to customise the titles of the...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 775

hi everybody! (hi dr. nick!...)

for those not yet in the know, we've recently been trying to shape up Extinction to compete in the online leagues, known to you all as GB! (game battles -

we've currently got 2 teams, ALPHA (containing the top players) and BRAVO (containing GOOD players!)

i'm in the process of creating a new page for the site, in reguards to all this GB stuff...

ALSO i would like for some of you to pair up with someone to form a 2 man team...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 676

hey there! just been looking thru what the forum software's capable of again, and it appears i can use it to run a 'blog'...

for those not in the know, 'blog' is an abbreviation of 'web log' and its a sort of diary...

i'll try my best to keep it up to date, with 'whats happening here' as often as i can/feel i need to!...

so watch this space to see why Extinction is constantly striveing to be the best that it can be!...
by Ex|Will - Comments: 0 - Views: 559
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